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  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer.  Offering the ease of use of Analog Mixers with the Power of Digital makes Yamaha PM5D a natural choice for any mixing situations.
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Yamaha PM-5D and PM-5D RH with optional DSP5D.  With the Yamaha DSP5D, you have a total of 192 available channels of input.
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer Control Screen View
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer.  Available Memory Card Slot allows for storage of scenes off the mixer.  You can even connect your keyboard and mouse for total control of your PM-5D
  • Yamaha PM-5D 64 Channel Audio Mixer Rear View
  • Yamaha PM-5D RH 64 Channel Audio Mixer Top Down View
  • Yamaha PM-5D RH 64 Channel Audio Mixer Profile View
  • Yamaha PM-5D RH 64 Channel Audio Mixer Profile View with Lighting installed

YAMAHA PM5D Digital Audio Mixer (Display Model Special)

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Product Description

Yamaha PM5D Series Digital Audio Mixer with 64 Inputs, 32-Bit/96kHz Audio Processing 

This is a one time special for a Display Model PM5D.  There's only one left, hurry before time runs out!
Sold As-Is.  

A New Dimension in Digital Live Sound

The PM5D and PM5D-RH Digital Mixing Consoles now take the digital revolution to the next level. They are smaller relatives of PM1D, offering state-of-the-art digital performance for a significantly broader range of SR applications that require a more dedicated surface than the DM2000. What's more, they offer a system solution that can enhance the entire sound production process from input to output through integration with digital systems such as the DME64N and AD8HR.

Model PM5D or PM5D-RH: A Choice of Two Configurations

Customers have a choice of two front-end configurations. The PM5D includes 48 XLR/balanced TRS analog mono inputs with manual mic preamps based on the circuitry found in the Yamaha DM2000, plus an additional 4 stereo line level inputs. The PM5D-RH includes 48 XLR analog mono inputs with recallable mic preamps derived from the head amplifier design of the Yamaha PM5000, with 4 stereo inputs that will accept mic level signals. The choice will depend on you needs and budget, and whether you need to store and recall the analog gain settings in the same way as other parameters.

Whichever model you choose, you are assured of the best sound quality available. Both superb mic preamps convey the most delicate nuances of the input signal right down to the smallest details. The DM2000 mic pre-amps are highly regarded for their warm, transparent sound, while the PM5000 mic preamps have a warmth and boldness specifically designed for the live sound

  • Internal Processing: PM5D handles 24-bit/96kHz audio without compromise. You won't sacrifice channels or any other processing capabilities whether the PM5D is run at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96-kHz. Internal processing is all 32-bit (using 58-bit accumulators) to ensure that absolutely no loss of audio quality occurs at any point in the signal path.
  • High-capacity, Versatile Mix Performance: PM5D accommodates a total of 130 input connections (48 channel inputs, four stereo inputs, five 2 TR IN's plus four Mini-YGDAI slots), and can handle up to 64 inputs simultaneously. The 64 input mixing channels are configured by default as 48 mono input channels, 4 stereo inputs, and 4 stereo effect returns. By utilizing the internal patch bay and expansion slots you can instantly scene-switch between totally separate stage setups.
  • All the Effects and Processing You'll Need Onboard: PM5D offers every processing facility you'll ever need onboard. Every input channel has 4 band EQ plus a high pass filter, a separate gate and compressor, and delay of up to 1000 milliseconds. The stereo and mix outs have 8-band EQ, compressor, and delay. The matrix outs have 4 band EQ, compressor and delay. The cue and monitor outs also include delay. But the PM5D doesn't stop there! It features twelve 31-band GEQs and eight independent SPX2000-class multi-effect processors that can be patched into any of the console's input, stereo, mix, or matrix channels, offering a comprehensive range of reverb, delay, modulation, and combination effects.
  • Total Recall: On the PM5D, all parameters are recallable in up to 500 scenes, so you can instantly key to the perfect mix.
  • HA Library: Another new feature on the PM5D is an HA library that, on the PM5D-RH, allows the gain and other parameters of the internal microphone preamplifier to be recalled in one operation.
  • Surround Ready: The PM5D is equipped with 3-1, 5.1 and 6.1 surround modes.
  • Expandability: Four rear-panel Mini-YGDAI expansion slots allow you to use a range of MY series expansion cards to enhance the PM5D in a number of ways.

* "PM5D" refers to features common to both configurations, unless otherwise noted.

*No Returnable

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Display Model, Sold As-Is

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