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CEL RoboxDual Dual Material 3D Printer

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Product Description

RoboxDual is an update to the original Robox and includes a DualMaterial Head, 2 extruders and the ability to print in 2 materials at once. Updated parts and manufacturing techniques provide redundancy and future proofing.

2 HeadLock compatible heads are included in this package; providing improved detail, higher speeds and model strength and now multiple materials in a single print. The unique DualMaterial Head and the spectacular QuickFill Head which has won Robox so much praise.

The best thing about dual material printing is the ability to create parts which were previously difficult or even impossible with a single material printer. By creating a support structure with a material which can peel away or be dissolved from the model easily we can increase the accuracy of overhangs and still remove these supports without damaging the model. A mechanical design engineer can now prototype injection mould designs on their desk without needing to modify the design for ease of printing.

Get a Robox on your desk now!
Robox offers better features, resolution and reliability than a 3D printer more than 10x the price. Stop queuing for that clunky old overpriced industrial printer or waiting for parts from the cripplingly priced prototype bureau. Make what you need, when you want to, easily.

Professional users
On desk prototyping, simple 3 step workflow, plug and print. Increased productivity will be easy to prove. Dual material printing does not need a big investment or extra staff to run it. Try one Robox and you will soon invest in many more, the price of Robox allows every engineer to have one on their desk.

Home users
Robox will soon be your favourite tool, it is easy to use due to good design. This design does not limit its potential, it leaves you as a user able to spend more time creating and less time scratching your head wondering what the printer is doing. Start your 3D print experience with a successful print, not a soldering iron.

At any level, Robox can help to demonstrate an idea, prove a theory or inspire a career. Robox will give teachers the confidence to press print and be certain of the result or even to allow students full access to the printer due to inbuilt safety features.

3D print experts
You may have tried the best of the rest, the kit printers, the well known competition of Robox, all of them are using the same technologies. Some do it well, some have good features but none of them have true innovation. Robox nozzles close, this is unique to Robox. Ooze, stringing, retracts, you know these terms, they don’t apply to Robox. Viscous materials will not leak out, dual material printing will not waste material and time doing purges, wipe towers or heating/cooling operations. Robox nozzles lift out of the way when not in use, they don’t drag across the print or get stored away to dribble in the corner.

Technical Specifications

External Dimensions
410 x 340 x 240mm (16.1 x 13.4 x 9.4”)
Build Volume
210 x 150 x 100mm (8.3 x 5.9 x 3.9”)
Layer Resolution
Custom 50 to 500 microns / 0.05mm to 0.5mm
Presets 100, 200, 300 microns / 0.1 to 0.3mm
Positioning Precision
XY: 7.5 microns (0.0003”)
Z: 0.15625 microns (0.000006”)
Nozzle Diameter(s)
QuickFill Head
0.3mm and 0.8mm (0.012” and 0.031”)
DualMaterial Head
2x 0.4mm (0.015”)
SingleX Experimental Head (optional)
0.6mm (0.023”)
Material Compatibility
1.75mm Filament
PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PVOH, CO-PET, PETG, TPU and variants of these materials.
SingleX only - Carbon-filled, Glass-filled and ‘Glow in the dark’ materials (i.e. abrasive).
Robox AutoMaker
Supported Operating Systems
Windows, MacOS, Linux
Heatup Speed
Bed: 130°C in 4 mins to 150°C MAX
Nozzle: 240° in 1 min to 280°C MAX

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