Clear-Com CS-702 | 2 Channel Headset Main Station Intercom

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Analog Partyline Intercom Main Station with Built In 2 Amp Power Supply

The CS-702 provides visual indication of power supply conditions. In the event of a DC short circuit or current overload, the station’s electronic overload protection circuit will shut down the DC output to
avoid damage. As soon as the fault condition is removed, the auto-reset circuitry will automatically restore system power ?? even under full load conditions. There is no need to disconnect stations to allow the power supply to reset.

Key Features

  • Supports up to 40 beltpacks or 7speaker stations on 2 channels
  • Automatic short-circuit protection andreset with LED indicators
  • Dual-action electronic momentary/latching “Talk” buttons
  • Mic- or line-level program with selectable “Program Interrupt”
    “Remote Mic Kill”
  • Stage announce with relay
  • Individual volume controls for each channel
  • Front-panel headphone connector
  • Channel A & B “Link” switch to operate as a one-channel system
  • Front-panel speaker output
  • UL approved
  • LED buttons for talk, call, announce, link, all talk, or mic on.

Technical Specifications

Input Type Dynamic
Input Impedance
>= 1K OHMS
Mic Limiter Threshold
0dBu ± 3dB
Mic Limiter Range
Program Line Input
Maximum Level before Clipping
>= 20dBu
Input Impedance
>= 5K OHMS
Program Mic Input
Maximum Level before Clipping
>= -35dB
Input Impedance
>= 1K OHMS
Headset Output
Load Impedance
>= 8 OHMS
Output Impedance
<= 25 OHMS
Output Limiter Threshold
+5dBu ± 3dB
Maximum Output Level before Distortion
>= 17dBu
Party-line Output
Off Noise
< -74dBu
Output Impedance
Party-line Input
< -60dB
Max level before Clipping
>= 12dBu
Sidetone Null Capability
> 25dB
Stage Announce/Balanced Line Out
Output Impedance
>= 200 OHMS
Load Impedance
>= 600 OHMS
Frequency Response
Headset Mic – Party-line
200 – 18KHz ± 3dB
Headset Mic – Line Out
200 – 18KHz ± 3dB
Program Input – Party-line
200 – 20KHz ± 3dB
Program Input – Headset Out
200 – 18KHz ± 3dB
Party Line – Headset Out
200 – 18KHz ± 3dB

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