Clear-Com RS-701 | Single Channel Intercom Wired Beltpack

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Clear-Com RS-701 | Single Channel Intercom Wired Beltpack

Analog Beltpack with XLR 3 Line Input and XLR 4M Headset Input

The RS-701 is a single-channel analog beltpack with an XLR-3 line connector and XLR-4M headset connector. A mic preamp with a dynamic range of 130 db enables intelligible voice communication for every volume level, from a whisper to a shout. The beltpack also combines high headroom, low-noise audio and shaped frequency contour (Clear-Com Sound) to deliver crystal-clear audio.

The RS-701 is compatible with all Encore partyline products, as well as the PL-Pro line and other partyline systems via Encore interfaces.

Key Features

  • Visual LED indication on top of keypad for Power (green), Call Signal (amber), and Talk Latch (green)
  • Tactile buttons for Call and Talk
  • Recessed rotary control for Volume with end stops for 270° rotation range
  • Concealed, programmable DIP Switches for Latch Talk, Talk with Call, LEDs Off, Mic Gain, Mic Type and HP Level Off
  • Fully compatible with current and previous models of Clear-Com analog partyline systems

Technical Specifications

Microphone Pre-Amplifier
Mic to Line (without limiter acting) Frequency Response
280 ?? 15k Hz ± 3dB
Microphone output to line ?? Audio Level (-50dBm Electret input)
Microphone output to line ?? Distortion
Microphone output to line ?? Signal to Noise
Clear-Com Sound
Headphone Amplifier
Frequency Response ?? Line to Headphone
150 ?? 20k Hz ± 3dB
Headphone input from line ?? Audio Level (-9dBm Electret input)
Headphone input from line ?? Distortion
Headphone input from line ?? Signal to Noise
Earphone to Mic ?? Crosstalk
Sidetone ?? Adjustment Range (-80db mic input)
Keypad Indicators
Green LED
Green LED
Orange LED
Intercom Line
(2) 3-pin XLR??M??F
Ch. 1 2-Wire Intercom Channel Pin 1: Common; Pin 2: PL Power (+28VDC); Pin 3: Line (Audio)
4-pin XLR??M
Headset Connector Pin 1: Mic – (Mic Common); Pin 2: Mic +; Pin 3: Spkr-; Pin 4: Spkr+ (&0.5*VCCDC Supply between Pin 4 & Pin 1)
Power Requirements
13mA Quiescent
24mA Average talk
28mA Talk with signaling
DC Voltage Range
12-30 VDC
Operating Temp Range
0?C – 70?C (32?F – 158?F)
Storage Temp Range
0?C – 70?C (32?F – 158?F)
Relative Humidity
0 – 90% non condensing
3.4in H x 4.5in W x 1.7in D
(86.4 x 114.3 x 43.2 mm)
0.66 lbs (0.30 kg)

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