ElektraLite 1018-AI | 18x12W RGBAWI LED Par 30 Degree Beam Spread Black Body ELE788

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Diffraction Lenses LED Fixture

The 1018-AI stands for RGBWAI, where the I is for Indigo.
This almost UV blue allow you to get 181 Congo blue colors.
Apart from the addition of this Indigo color the real power of this color is shown when you mix it with others. For example red with indigo gives you colors unobtainable with a red and blue combination. Red and Indigo will give you 170 lavender colors, for example. Where red and blue would give you a more magenta color range.

6 colors gives you a much more complete color range but, with the added feature, that the colors are mixed inside each led device
This gives an homogenized color. This means when you look at the fixture (or the audience looks at the fixture) you see lavender and not red and indigo leds shining at you.
This means no color striation as well.

The 1018-AI also see the introduction of our popless dim on and off.
For many manufacturers using leds they have problems when dimming on or off.
The led appears to pop on or off. The pop is almost like a flash.
This has been removed for the 1018-AI, and the software developed for it is now being applied throughout the elektraLite range of fixed led fixtures.
Also added, is increased control of the dimming of the last 5% giving for more precise output.

Like all 1018 fixtures the 1018-AI incorporates:

Calibration of white so that one can blend the RGBWAI exactly.
Static mode. Allowing the fixture to be set and left without a controller.
Auto mode. Allowing the fixture to run through either automatic in-built programs or run through programs built by a operator.
Personality mode. Allowing the fixture to run in several different modes (or personalities) so the channel width can be large or as small as 6.

Key Features

  • 18 x 12w RGBWAI (6-in-1) LEDs
  • Diffraction Lenses Hand Selected for Color Consistency
  • 30 Degree Beam Spread
  • Gel Frame with Spring Clip Included
  • Whisper Fan for Silent Operation
  • Double Yoke allows Floor Mount or Truss Mount
  • Thermal Protection
  • DMX or Automatic Operation
  • Operating Voltage 100-240V

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption
200 watts (1.9A)
Electrical MultiVoltage
AC 100-240V ?? 50/60Hz
Black aluminum
Corrosion resistant hardware
Rigid flat steel
Light Engine
Eighteen 12-watt RGBWAI (6-in-1) LED emitters
Refresh Rate
Optics / Lensing(s)
Diffraction Lensing
Dimensions (HxLxW)
8.5 x 11 x 8.5 inches
9.5 lbs

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