Gefen EXT-DVI-EDIDP | DVI Detective Plus

Brand: Gefen


Display Data EDID Storage Computer HDTV Cable Accessory

EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data. It is the standard table of characteristics of a display that is used by the source to optimize its output resolution, timing, and other operating parameters. When a display is switched off, de-selected by a matrix/switcher, or disconnected and then reconnected, the EDID can be lost. If this occurs, the video source device may lose its ability to output the correct image instantly. The Gefen DVI Detective Plus addresses this issue by recording the EDID from a display and making it available to a source at all times, as if the display is still connected. This product also passes through the communications between an HDCP-enabled source and display as necessary.

Key Features

  • HDCP pass-through
  • Quick and easy way to store EDID information from any DVI display
  • Provides a virtual EDID to maintain active monitor status when switching away from a source
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920×1200, 2K, and 3840×2400 (Dual Link)
  • Selection of 5 preset EDIDs are available for custom audio features and video resolutions through DIP switch selection
  • EDID write protection switch
  • No power is required after initial programming

Technical Specifications

Maximum Pixel Clock: 2x 165 MHz
Video Input Connector: (1) DVI-I 29-pin, female
Video Output Connector: (1) DVI-I 29-pin, female
Power Supply: 5V DC (needed for programming only)
Power Consumption: 5W (max.)
Dimensions: 2.6″ W x 1.8″ D x 1.2″ H
Shipping Weight: 1 lb.


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