Gen Energy G-B200/195W 195Wh/13.5Ah Li-Ion V-Mount Battery

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Brand: Gen Energy


195Wh/13.5Ah Li-Ion V-Mount Battery

Key Features

  • Do not use the battery (Main, D-Tap, USB) while charging. If so, it may cause a charging error or damage the charger
  • Charge the battery to full before first use
  • When you charge this battery, Battery capacity LED gauge button will turn on indicating the capacity being charged
  • Lithium ion batteries have a slight self discharge, therefore it is recommended to charge prior to use
  • Camera’s low voltage alarm is recommended to set 13~13.5V
  • Battery will stop at 12V to extend its life.* Microwave transmitters with 5W outputs or over should be kept as far away from the battery. It may disrupt or stop supplying power
  • Be sure to remove the battery from the device after use. If so, it will consume large standby power and over-discharge protection may be activated
  • USB is activated by pushing Battery capacity LED gauge button. USB power will turn on automatically 30 minute after no use
SKU: GENE-GB200195W Category:

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