Juice Goose RC5 WM Wall Mounted Key Switch Security Remote Control for CQ Products

Brand: Juice Goose


Power Sequencing Control

The RC5 is an optional remote control accessorie, designed to function specifically with the Juice Goose CQ Series of AC power sequencing and control products.

RC5 models are available to allow remote control and monitoring of the CQ Series AC power system in a variety of security and operational scenarios. Selection of a particular RC5 model depends on specific security and convenience requirements. Key switch activation limits access to only authorized personnel. Rotary switch activation is available when security is not as big a priority as convenience. All RC5 models provide lighted indicators for system operation and system status. Connection is as simple as snapping an RJ-45 cable with a connector into the back of the RC5.

The optional RC5 may be used to control the sequence up, pause and sequence down operations of the Juice Goose CQ Series product. Indicator lights on the RC5 report the system activity and sequencing operation completion. When the switch is in the center (??Pause??) position, an indicator light reports the status of the signal line connection throughout the CQ system. The RC5 is available in rack or wall mount designs. It requires no secondary power supply. Power is supplied by the CQ Series product to which it is connected. The rack mount RC-DM3 requires connection to a 120VAC power source. In a typical CQ system the RC5 will be connected to the first CQ device in a chain of sequencing products. Use of the RC5 will be the initial step in activating the system. Using an RCDM3, one control point may be at the ??front-of-house?? while a second is at an on-stage location and a third is elsewhere. The system can be sequenced up or sequenced down from any location, regardless of where the previous control was initiated.


Key Features

  • Security Control
  • Sequence Up, Sequence Down and Pause Capability
  • Indicator Lights for Sequence Operation, Sequence Completion and System Status
  • Sequence Completion and System Status

Technical Specifications

AC Voltage
120 Volts


1 lb


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