Liberty 16-2C-BLK | Commercial Grade General Purpose 16 AWG 2 Conductor Cable Black

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Commercial Grade Speaker Level Audio Cable

The Liberty 16-2C-BLK is a commercial grade general purpose 16 AWG 2 Conductor Cable. It has 19-strand annealed bare copper conductors, semi-rigid PVC insulation, riser rated PVC jacket, and a NEC CL3R, CEC CMG, RoHS Compliant. It has a 0.056 inch diameter and an impedance of 58 ohms.

Key Features

  • 19-Strand Annealed Bare Copper Conductors
  • Semi-Rigid PVC Insulation
  • Twisted, unshielded
  • Riser rated PVC Jacket
  • NEC CL3R, CEC CMG, RoHS Compliant
  • 1000 Foot Spools

Technical Specifications

16 AWG
19-strand annealed bare copper conductors
Diameter: 0.056inch | 1.42mm  
DC resistance: 4.38 OHMS / 1000ft | 14.36 OHMS/KM
Mutual capacitance: 32.0 pF/FT | 104.96 pF/M
Impedance: 58 OHMS
Inductance: 0.15mu H/FT | 0.49mu H/M
Velocity of Propagation: 55%
Voltage rating: 300V
Maximum current: 6.25A@25degreesC
Semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride
Wall thickness: 0.010inch | 0.25mm
Diameter: 0.076inch | 1.93mm  
NEC: CMR 75degreesC
CEC: CMG FT4 60degreesC
EU RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
Color Code        
Black, Red          
Reel: 1000ft | 305M
Weight: 27 Lbs/1000ft | 41 Kg/KM
2 conductors twisted
Lay length: 3.0inch | 80mm
4.0 twists per foot | 12.5 twists per meter           
Pull Tension: 42 Lbs | 187 N
Bend radius: 1.90inch | 49mm unloaded
Bend radius: 3.80inch | 98mm loaded
Ripcord under jacket     
Riser commercial and residential speaker level audio
70V commercial speaker audio
Class 2 and 3 power
Speaker level audio to 50 feet
Polyvinyl chloride
Colors: Gray
Wall thickness: 0.020inch | 0.51mm
Diameter: 0.190inch | 4.83mm  
Final Outside Diameter (inches)

SKU: LIBT-CBLE-162CBLK Category:

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