ProMediaGear BBGv2 Boomerang Flash Bracket | Flash Mount Bracket for Cameras with Grip BBGv2-PBX3

Brand: ProMediaGear


Rotating Lightweight Flash Bracket

The BBGv2 bracket enables the flash or speed-light to quickly rotate around the lens creating an appealing light source with more realistic and consistent shadows. This is especially useful when shooting portraits, as side shadows are eliminated due to the rising and rotating of the flash. The BBGv2 is the perfect shooting companion for weddings and event photographers.

Key Features

    • Modular 2 Piece Folding Design (Arca-Swiss Compatible Bracket Plate + Boomerang Flash Arm)
    • #PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate Included
    • Manufactured with Titanium and T6061 Aluminum Components to be lightweight and rigid
    • 90°-degree rotating flash arm featuring a detent pin to lock the position
    • Adjustable friction bearing (flash arm tension mechanism)
    • Adjustable lens spacing in / out
    • Magnetic 5/32 Allen Key Storage
    • Lightweight 1.20 lbs. (Including Bracket Plate)
    • #CS2 Low Profile Cold Shoe (Aluminum)
    • Included with BBX and BBGv2
    • Compatible with popular wireless trigger systems
    • Compatible with L-Brackets and additional PMG accessories
    • Profoto B2 / Elinchrom Quadra 5/8” in. mounting adapters available
    • #BLSA, #BLSA5A, #BLSA5S, #BLS1
    • Made in the USA
    • ** Left Handed Boomerang Available, #BBXL. May be combined with BBX or BBGv2 to create Double Boomerang

The BBGv2 Boomerang flash bracket features an unobtrusive 2-piece design with minimalistic styling. The 2-piece design consists of an Arca-Swiss Compatible Bracket Plate and the Boomerang Flash Arm assembly. The unit can completely be removed from your camera without removing the Bracket Plate. The Boomerang is designed and manufactured in the USA out of Titanium and Aluminum alloys to be the most advanced and robust camera accessory bracket on the market. The modular Bracket Plate design gives the photographer the ability to add additional components to match his/her shooting style when desired such as the popular #HB70 Handle, L-Brackets and much more.

High quality bearings and precision engineering make this bracket virtually maintenance free. The Boomerang flash bracket mounts to the camera body with our ProMediaGear Arca-Swiss Compatible #PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate or Custom Bracket Plates. The complete bracket is compact and lightweight, just over 1 lb. The top flash mounting plate is equipped with a ¼-20 threaded adapter to attach a flash cable or radio transmitter. PMG supplies the Boomerang with a #CS2 low profile aluminum cold shoe to attach your wireless flashes or accessories. The flash mounting area easily allows use of popular wireless triggers on your hot shoe without interference.
Profoto B2, Elinchrom Quadra and similar larger light sources are no challenge for the Boomerang Flash Bracket. Our 5/8” #BLSA, Stainless Steel, Adapter mounted directly to the Flash Bracket instantly accepts the larger style light units. Additional mounting options available.
PMG manufactures custom Arca-Swiss Compatible Bracket Plates for many Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic cameras. Custom Bracket Plates add additional anti-rotation properties creating the ultimate package. Search: ProMediaGear Bracket Plates for more details.


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