RME ADI-6432 19″ 2RU MADI to AES Converter

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RME ADI-6432 Converter

The ADI-6432 from RME is sixty-four-channel format converter, that features conversion from MADI to AES, and vice versa. Typical applications could include two units for use as a digital multi-core, or a single unit used as AES/EBU front end for the Hammerfall DSP MADI PCI card.

MADI handles sixty-four channels of 24-bit audio at sampling frequencies up to 48kHz, thirty-two channels up to 96kHz and sixteen channels at 192kHz. All channels are transferred across a single cable, using either a coaxial (BNC) or optical network cable. The AES/EBU channels are available via eight, 25-pin D-sub connectors.

The unit features RME’s SteadyClock, which provides very low jitter operation. Intelligent Clock Control retains the last valid sample frequency in case of a loss of the input signal. The front panel contains almost one-hundred LEDs for accurate and exact display of signal status. Errors can be spotted instantly and corrected, and the control keys can be locked to prevent accidental changing of settings.


Key Features

  • Sixty-four channel MADI/AES format converter
  • Support for up to 192kHz sample rates with MADI and AES
  • Supplies word clock in Single, Double and Quad Speed, distributes Double Wire 96kHz signals into the MADI data stream and to the AES ports and supports the double MADI sample rate (96k frame)
  • SyncAlign and SyncCheck technologies ensure perfect synchronization and clear detection of errors
  • Extensive status displays give information about Lock and Sync states, audio content and the physical quality of the incoming signal
  • A fully automatic input selection between optical and coaxial input offers a useful redundancy mode for critical applications
  • Multiple units can be stacked and operated sample-aligned, using word clock.
  • MADI Merge, using two units, allows two MADI streams to be merged from two sources, and sent on via a single MADI cable. Useful in situation where the two sources are not utilizing their full sixty-four channel counts
  • The unit can be also used as a MADI to MADI converter. For instance, an AMS Neve Logic DFC only accepts the fifty-six channel input format. The ADI-6432 can read either format at its input or output
  • All settings are stored when the unit is switched off
  • Sixteen MIDI channels can be transferred across MADI even with sixty-four audio channels
  • The device can be fully remote controlled and configured via MIDI and all status displays can be queried through MIDI
  • Each unit in a multiple-unit setup can be given a separate ID, allowing separate remote control of the devices utilizing only a single MIDI channel
  • Compatible to MADI interfaces of companies like Sony, Merging, Lawo, Euphonix, Stagetec, Jünger, Audio Service, AMS and others


Technical Specs

Not applicable
Not applicable
Sample Rates   
MADI: Lock range: 28kHz to 54kHz
AES: Lock range: 28kHz to 104kHz, 162kHz to 204kHz
Analog Inputs   
Analog Outputs               
Digital Input      
8 x 25-pin D-Sub AES/EBU (shared with output)
1 x MADI Optical via FDDI duplex SC connector
Digital Output  
8 x 25-pin D-Sub AES/EBU (shared with output)
1 x MADI Optical via FDDI duplex SC connector
Word Clock       
1 x BNC input
1 x BNC output
Dynamic Range
Not applicable
Frequency Response    
Not applicable
THD + N              
Not applicable
Dimensions (WxDxH)   
19″ x 9 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ (483 x 241 x 89 mm)
4.4 lbs (2 kg)
MIDI I/O with invisible transmission along with the MADI signal which can be collected at the MIDI output of another ADI-6432, ADI-648 or an HDSP MADI

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