Steinberg Dorico Elements 4 Music Notation and Composition Software, Boxed

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Dorico Elements is the simple, streamlined music notation software that helps you write, print and play back music notation to the highest professional standards. Boasting many of the powerful and time-saving features of Dorico Pro, Dorico Elements is the perfect starting point for composers, arrangers and students. With a simple user interface that is quick to master, Dorico Elements provides fluid input and editing, beautiful graphical results, and great-sounding playback. Step up to the tool that is trusted by professional musicians around the world and take your scoring to the next level.

What’s New
Key Editor in Write mode: With the introduction of a dedicated Key Editor in the lower zone in Write mode, it’s now easier than ever to shape the MIDI performance of your music notation. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Smart MIDI import: powerful new MIDI import workflow that intelligently interprets incoming tracks, and remembers your choices for future imports.[Pro/Elements]
Polyphonic MIDI transcription: Whether you’re using the new smart MIDI import workflow or recording music in real-time from your MIDI keyboard, Dorico 4 now automatically separates the music you play into separate voices, producing a much cleaner transcription of your input than ever before. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Insert mode scope: change the scope of Insert mode operations, editing only the current voice, or all voices on the current instrument, or all instruments in the flow, making it easier than ever to create cadenzas or free rhythm sections. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Melodic and rhythmic transformations: Common melodic and rhythmic transformations such as rotation, inversion and reversal are now all just one click away – and unlike plug-ins or add-ons in other music notation software [Pro/Elements/SE]
On-screen keyboard, fretboard and drum pads: Click or tap notes into the score from the piano, input guitar tab directly by touching the string and fret on the fretboard, or see all of the percussion instruments in your kit at a glance with the drum pads [Pro/Elements/SE]
Revamped Play mode and Mixer: Choose between showing the essential controls in the lower zone, or showing the Mixer as a separate window for full control over channel EQ, insert effects, and more. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Native Apple Silicon support: Dorico 4 is the first professional-grade music notation and composition application to run natively on Apple’s new M1-powered Macs. Some editing operations are as much as twice as fast on Apple Silicon than on in Intel-powered Macs. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Flexible new Steinberg Licensing: simply sign in with your Steinberg ID, and you’re up and running in moments. Run Dorico 4 on two computers with a single-user license by signing in on each machine. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Library Manager: see the differences between the options and styles in two projects at a glance, and selectively apply changes from one to the other. [Pro]
Jump bar: quickly access all of Dorico’s commands from your computer keyboard: just type J, then a few letters of the command you want to execute, and hit Return. The jump bar also makes it easy to navigate anywhere in your project, jumping instantly to any page, bar, or rehearsal mark of your choosing. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Instrument filters in galley view: you can now focus in on the instruments you’re interested in simply by selecting them and hiding all of the others. [Pro/Elements]
SuperVision: a fully customizable, multi-meter audio analyzer plug-in, now included with Dorico 4. [Pro/Elements]
Capos for fretted instruments: Dorico 4 allows you to define a full or partial capo for a fretted instrument, and can produce transposed notation, chord symbols and chord diagrams accordingly. [Pro/Elements]
Parenthesised chord symbols: Easily show optional or alternate chord symbols by enclosing them in
parentheses. [Pro/Elements]
Automatic score order and soloists: When adding players and instruments to your project, Dorico will now automatically order them according to the conventional orchestral score order, so you can rest assured that your instruments will be in the order the conductor will expect when perusing your score. [Pro/Elements/SE]
User-defined project templates and ensembles: To quickly add multiple instruments to your project, the revamped ensemble picker allows you to use standard orchestral shorthand for woodwind and brass, or type standard abbreviations for instruments. Once you’ve set up your project exactly the way you want it, save it as a project template for future use: it will appear in the Hub alongside Dorico’s built-in project templates. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Bracketing for figured bass: Building on the comprehensive support for figured bass introduced in Dorico
3.5, Dorico 4 adds a sophisticated set of tools for adding square brackets and parentheses to figured bass, allowing you to bracket individual figures or even accidentals independently, or enclose multiple figures at different rhythmic positions within a single set of brackets. [Pro/Elements/SE]
Improved staff labels: Players holding multiple instruments, like percussionists, can now be labelled using their player name rather than the names of individual instruments. [Pro]

Key Features

  • Quick to learn – comprehensive video tutorials and on-screen help
  • Compose or arrange for ensembles of up to 12 players
  • Fully compatible with Dorico Pro
  • Best automatic notation and engraving of any software
  • Easy note input
  • Clear user interface
  • Excellent results by default – saves time
  • Intelligently adjusts notation as you write
  • Any number of movements or pieces in a single project
  • Sequencer-style piano roll MIDI editor
  • Transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, etc.
  • Supports VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors (30 included)

System Requirements

macOS 10.14 Mojave / 10.15 Catalina / 11 Big Sur / 12 Monterey
64-bit Intel multi-core processor or Apple Silicon ARM processor

64-bit Windows 10 / Windows 11
64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor (Intel i5 or faster recommended)

4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
6 GB free storage space (SSD recommended)
OS-compatible audio hardware
(ASIO-compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance)
An internet connection is required for download, activation, account setup and personal/product registration.
Note: this software version does not support 32-bit plug-ins.


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