Tascam CG-1800 Master Clock Generator for Small to Large-Scale Video/Audio Synchronization Systems

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The CG-1800 master clock generator generates NTSC, PAL and HD Tri-level video clock – as well as word clock through BNC, AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs – ensuring compatibility with any synchronization system. The CG-1800 comes equipped with 4 video outputs, 12 word clock outputs, two AES3/11 and two S/PDIF digital outputs, enabling the construction of large-scale synchronization systems. Furthermore, it is compatible with 2xFs, 4xFs, and 256xFs outputs, as well as Pro Tools and other DAW systems. The CG-1800 is developed so that the cause of any malfunctions can be investigated during maintenance when problem occurs. The termination of output equipment, measuring of the input level, and the analyzer function that measures input frequency are all included, supporting troubleshooting should a problem occurs, while the word clock’s output level can be adjusted to different levels, allowing for optimum signal levels to be supplied to connecting equipment. As another function that supports the detection of problems, a logging function is also included.

Key Features

  • Internal clock uses a high-precision OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) that is not influenced by the temperature of the environment
  • External input connector that supports 10MHz, allowing creation of systems with even higher precision
  • Jitter management circuit provides stable clock
  • Glitch-free relocking circuit prevents noise and skipping during clock dropouts and recovery
  • Numerous output connectors, including (12) word clock outputs, enabling the use in large-scale video/audio synchronization systems
  • Supports input and output of a variety of video signal formats, including NTSC, PAL and HD Tri-level
  • AES3 and AES11 signals can also be used for external master clock input sources
  • Analyzer function that can measure output device termination
  • Optimal levels can be provided to other devices by adjusting wordclock output levels
  • Self-calibration function using an external oscillator (Atomic/GPS 10MHz, GPS PPS)
  • *Use of the self-calibration function requires the use of a separate PPS-output 10MHz oscillator with a built-in GPS antenna.
  • Word clock performance up to 192 kHz
  • 0.1% pull-up/down for 24F(Film) and 29.97F(NTSC), and 4% pull-up/down for 24F(Film) and 25F(PAL)
  • Up to (4) system settings can be saved to buttons for recall, and saved settings can be imported and exported via USB
  • Durable nut-coupling BNC connectors made by Amphenol
  • Independent circuit boards for each connector prevents contact failures due to twisting
  • Three-prong IEC power cable included
  • Panel-lock switch can be used to prevent inadvertent changes to unit operation
  • 128×64-pixel organic EL display with a wide viewing angle
  • Firmware updates possible using the USB port
  • EIA 1U rack mount size
  • RoHS-compliant product
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