Tascam MM-2D-E 2-Channel Mic/Line Input/Output Dante Converter with Built-in DSP Mixer

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The MM-2D-E is a compact converter that converts 2-channel mic/line input/output signals into Dante signals. With half the size of a standard 1U rack, the MM-2D-E is suitable for different Dante systems as an exquisite analog output unit. The built-in DSP mixer enables small scale systems to fully perform with a variety of input/output models the TASCAM Dante Compact Processor Series offers. MM-2D-E supports up to 96kHz/24bit and uses Euroblock connectors for analog mic/line input/output.

Key Features

  • 2-channel mic/line input with phantom power (+48v) support
  • Supports remote mic gain control
  • 2 line output
  • 4 Dante input/output
  • Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Up to 24bit/96kHz
  • Includes a variety of DSP functions for optimal use in different scenes/environments (Output effects, 6 in/4 out matrix mixer)
  • Supports Dante daisy chain; this allows two Dante Compact Processor models to be connected without a network switch
  • Compatible with Dante Domain Manager and Dante AES67 Mode
  • Flexible scene preset function allows to work in different area situations (Up to 50 presets)
  • Timer event function allows to automatically switch scenes at a specified time (planned to be compatible on a future version update)
  • Remote control via GPI and Dante
  • Half-rack mountable size
  • Equipped with indicators that show LAN/Dante connection status and sample rate
  • Equipped with signal indicators that monitor line input/output signals
  • Configurable reference level (via remote control only)
  • Surface rack mountable angles for installation under desks included

Technical Specifications

Formats and channels
44.1/48/88.2/96kHz,16/24-bit, 2 channels
Input/output ratings
DATA/DATA+PoE connectors
Transmission protocol
Gigabit Ethernet standard
1000BASE-T (IEEE 802.3ab)
category 5e or faster STP cables
ANALOG IN connectors
Euroblock (balanced) 3.81 mm pitch
Minimun input level
-74 dBu
Maximum input level
+26 dBu
Input impedance
2.0 k? or higher
ANALOG OUT connectors
Euroblock (balanced) 3.81 mm pitch
Nominal output levels
+4 dBu (when Ref. Level not -9 dBFS)
+6 dBu (when Ref. Level set to -9 dBFS)
Maximum output level (switchable)
+15 dBu (Ref. Level: -9 dBFS)
+18 dBu (Ref. Level: -14 dBFS)
+20 dBu (Ref. Level: -16 dBFS)
+22 dBu (Ref. Level: -18 dBFS)
+24 dBu (Ref. Level: -20 dBFS)
Output impedance
200 ? or lower
Control input/output
External control connectors(LED/SWITCH)           
Euroblock 3.81mm pitch
LED connectors
Output format
open collector (10? output impedance, 48V withstand voltage, 35mA maximum current)
Low level maximum output voltage
0.5 V
SWITCH connectors
Maximum input voltage
5.5 V
High level minimum input voltage
2.31 V
Low level maximum input voltage
0.99 V
External control connectors (CONTROL)               
Euroblock 3.81mm pitch
10V/CONTROL/GND connectors
Connect variable resistors (10k? recommended)
PoE class 0
TASCAM PS-P1220E AC adapter (sold separately)
Power consumption
483 x 45 x 303.8 mm (W x H x D, including protrusions)
878 g
Operating temperature range

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