TC Electronic Dreamscape | John Petrucci Chorus Flanger Vibrato Guitar Pedal

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TonePrint Custom Preset Chorus Flanger and Vibrato Modes

Recreate John Petrucci’s custom guitar sounds with his signature Dreamscape model. With six custom signature tones, this pedal guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. With responsive controls, you can easily adjust chorus, flanger, and vibrato effects with also a custom switch that allows you to recreate the ‘dark’ style of John Petrucci’s custom chorus sounds.

Key Features

  • Six Signature Tones Designed by John Petrucci
  • Chorus, flanger, and vibrato in one pedal
  • Custom voicing switch perfectly tuned to John’s custom ‘dark’ chorus sounds

Technical Specifications

Sounds: 6 signature TonePrint from John Petrucci. Access to any Corona Chorus TonePrint.
Size and Weight: 72 mm x 122 mm x 50 mm – 300 g (excl. battery)
Battery: 16mA Dual Supply Rails technology ensures headroom for line level effect loops from a single 9Vbattery. Battery failure circuit automatically puts the Dreamscape pedal into true bypass mode if the battery runs out.
Design: Custom “hammerhead” rugged, die-cast aluminum casing built for a life on the road, unique one-screw battery access for lightning fast battery changes
Connectors and Inputs and Outputs: Stereo inputs with automatic mono/stereo sensing – feed it any signal. Stereo outputs for that ultra-wide sounds. Mini USB connector for uploading custom TonePrints and software updates.
Knobs etc.: Speed, Depth, FX Level and Effect Type selector with high quality metal shaft potentiometers. Heavy duty tactile footswitch with true bypass for zero tone coloration.

SKU: TCE-EFX-960740001 Category:

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