Teradek Single-Axis Superspeed Wireless Lens Control Kit with Lens Mapping, Imperial

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The Single-Axis Lens Control Kit contains everything you need to get started with wireless lens control. It includes a single-axis CTRL.1 hand unit for precision focus pulling, a 2-channel Latitude MDR-M receiver, and a MK3.1 motor with additional accessories.

The CTRL.1 is a single-axis handheld controller for precision wireless lens control. Part of the Teradek RT ecosystem, CTRL.1 allows for either focus, iris or zoom control, is compatible with all Teradek RT motors & receiver and will work simultaneously with other RT Units controlling the other axes on the same lens.

CTRL.1 introduces low-latency information overlays showing lens data on SmallHD monitors. Lens mapping and overlaying is an upgrade that can be added on at any time for an additional price. Available in metric and imperial units.

Latitude MDR-M
The Latitude M is a 2-axis receiver for focus, iris and/or zoom with an operation range of up to 5000 ft. Its ultra-lightweight design allows it to mount seamlessly to any camera setup, and the built-in 2.4 GHz FHSS radio can cut through the toughest of RF conditions. Latitude M receivers also feature direct integration with RED DSMC & DSMC2 cameras for controlling EF/AF lens/iris with the camera’s internal motors, shutter, ISO, button features (2x magnification, edge, focus assist).

MOTR.X Motor
The MOTR.X operates with lightning-fast speed and incredible torque while remaining totally silent. The motor has 6x the service life of brushed motors, 15 and 19mm rod support and interchangeable gears.

Additionally, new in/out motor ports pass data and power, allowing MOTR.X units to be daisy-chained from one motor to the next to reduce cable clutter on your rig.

What’s In The Box?
1 x Teradek RT Pre-Marked focus Ring – 10" minimum focus
1 x Teradek RT Pre-Marked focus Ring – 20" minimum focus
1 x Teradek RT Pre-Marked focus Ring – 3’6" minimum focus
1 x Teradek RT Pre-Marked focus Ring – 6′ minimum focus
1 x Teradek RT Pre-Marked focus Ring – 10′ minimum focus
1 x Teradek RT Pre-Marked Iris Ring – 1-32
1 x Firmware License Key Card for TeradekRT With License Key1 x Controller Neck-strap [11-1443]
1 x LP-E6 1600mAh Li-ion Battery [14-0014-1]
1 x LP-E6 Travel charger [14-0015]
1 x Receiver Rail Clamp for 15/19mm rods [11-1439]
1 x Additional White disc (Type B) note: 1 white disc preinstalled on CTRL.1 [11-1459]
1 x Latitude-M Receiver [15-0008]
1 x MOTR.X Motor, 15/19mm rod motor bracket, 0.8 lens gear [15-0044]
1 x CTRL.1 Single-Axis Controller [15-0043]
1 x Mini-USB (5pin) to USB – 18 in Cable (Firmware) [11-1267]
1 x Latitude DTAP Power Cable [11-1378]
1 x Latitude Motor Cable 16in/40cm Straight to Straight [11-1462]
1 x 5pin conn to USB Micro_0.2m [11-1469]
1 x Teradek Vinyl Zipper Bag 250x150mm [11-0808]
1 x 6.5 ft (2m) Controller Wired Mode Cable 5-pin to 5-pin [11-1413]
1 x Teradek Case Large – Black with RT Motion Single Channel Controller Set Foam [28-0068-7]

Key Features

  • Complete Teradek RT precision lens control kit.
  • Wireless control focus, iris or zoom with up to 5,000 ft. of range.
  • Supports lens mapping for precision focus pulling.
  • Lens mapping overlays directly on compatible SmallHD monitors.
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