Trident Audio Developments A-Range 500 Fourd Band Equalizer Module

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The legendary A-Range equalizer holds a unique place in audio history, with a stunningly musical sound that resulted from its all-discrete transistor circuitry and the use of inductors in the upper and lower mid bands. The A-Range is a faithful re-creation of the original four band Trident A-Range equalizer in a 500 module format, that will add the unique Trident signature to any programme material.

Technical Specifications

Input impedance
10kohm balanced
Common mode rejection
Equivalent input noise
-85dBu (unweighted, no boost or cut)
0.05% (+4dBu output, 1kHz)
Frequency response
20Hz to 20kHz (-1dB)
Boost / Cut range
+/-15dB (variable)
Filter Q value
1.3 (1 octave)
Maximum input level
Max output before clip
+28dBu (10k load)
Nominal output level
+4dBu (electronically balanced)
Output impedance
100 ohm
Output noise floor
-85dBu (typical, unweighted)
Peak LED threshold
I/O connections XLR
pin 2 +, pin 3 -, pin 1 ground
Current requirement
130mA (maximum) per rail

SKU: TRID-ARANGE500 Category:

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