Tronical Backplate Type I | Guitar Contacting PCB for TronicalTune Plus

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TronicalTune Backplate

Please Note: In order for the TronicalTune Plus system to work you need to order 1 electronic backplate and 1 set of RoboHead tuners. Check size compatibility before making your purchase.

Righthand Backplate Only

The new TronicalTune PLUS is Tronical’s latest innovation. It gives a muscian an incredibly fast and easy-to-use motorized tuning experience. This is a significant improvement over the TronicalTune.

The new TronicalTune PLUS is faster, has an increased tuning range, twice as many presets (24 instead of 12 include LOW TUNINGS). Also included are twice as many blank user slots for your own custom presets (12 instead of 6) with the ability to override all the presets for 36 custom slots.

The TronicalTune PLUS can easily be used with a Capo, allows you to set individual string pitch offset, has a pitch assist mode and much more features.

Compatible Models:

AW 3050-LG
AC 2040
AC 3000
AW 70
AW 250 ECE
AW 3000
AW 3000-NT
AW 3000 CE
AW 3010
AW 3050 CE

SKU: TRNC-ACC-24103 Category:

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