Vinten V8AS-FTMS | Flowtech 100 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid Level Spreader

Brand: Vinten


The Vinten Vision 8AS system with Flowtech 100 carbon fibre tripod and mid-level spreader, is a professional tripod system designed for camera setups weighing between 5.5-14 kg / 12.1-30.8 lb. The Vision 8AS has been designed with intuitive controls, side load system for rapid camera attachment and durable brakes. Combined with Vinten’s Perfect Balance and LF drag technology, this makes the Vision 8AS the ideal tool for a wide range of challenging, professional applications.

Key Features

  • Deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant: Unique quick release brakes
  • Easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness: Ergonomic carbon fibre leg design
  • Capture extremely low and high shots: Versatile hinge lock mechanism
  • Superior performance and reliability: Extensive endurance and environmental testing
  • Fast and easy setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain
  • 4 locking positions offers stability in very small footprint
  • Central lock enables fast repositionsing
  • Carbon fibre arms
  • Perfect balance for effortless production
  • Lubricated Friction fluid drag control ensures smooth movement
  • High contrast blue LED levelling bubble for quick, precise set up
  • Ergonomic design of all controls for effortless use
  • Superior performance, year after year
  • Flowtech 100
  • Unique quick release brakes – deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant
  • New ergonomic carbon fibre leg design – easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness
  • Versatile hinge lock mechanism – capture extremely low and high shots
  • Extensive endurance and environmental testing – superior performance and reliability
  • Mid-level Spreader
  • 4 locking positions offer very small footprint in narrow spaces and very stable setup on uneven terrain
  • Central lock enables fast repositioning
  • Fast and simple setup

Technical Specifications

Payload range
5.5-14 kg / 12.1-30.9 lb
System weight
7.2 kg / 15.9 lb
Height range in spreaderless mode
40 – 170 cm / 15.7 – 66.9 in
Height range with mid-level spreader flowtech 100
69 – 171 cm / 27.2 – 67.3 in
Transport Length
85 cm / 33.5 in
Item Includes
Vision 8AS (V4045-0001)
Flowtech 100 MS tripod (V4160-0003)
Soft case (3358-3)
Carry handle (S2051-1057)


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